Budapest for children without barriers

Although city tours are not really designed for children, Budapest offers lots of programs for the little ones as well. We collected the most popular accessible program options for families who have members with physical disability.

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Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden
Hungary’s oldest zoo works in the heart of Budapest, in City Park. Here you can meet the representatives of the animal world of all continents. Magic Mountain (interactive exhibition), the Palm House, the Marine Aquarium and Butterfly Garden can also be interesting.
Holnemvolt Park (‘Once Upon a Time Park’) is the new family leisure park of the Budapest Zoo & Botanical Garden. You can find various animal petting sites here and the historic games taken over by the Zoo from the heritage of the Amusement Park (Vidámpark).
You can reach almost every site in the Zoo-area on walkways. The surface is not paved in some places, but stony. You can roll in most of the animal houses, some parts of the Magic Mountain are not accessible, but you can move with a lift between the levels.
You can get into most of the animal houses with wheelchairs. Parts of the Magic Mountain are not an option, but a lift in the levels of movement possible.
Programs of Holnemvolt Park (eg. Puppet Theater) are mostly accessible, but many of the various attractions are not.
Accessible toilets are located in the Magic Mountain and at the Aquarium. In Holnemvolt Park there’s only a mobile special toilet.

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The Tropicarium in Campona Shopping Mall awaits visitors with a number of animals from all over the world. You can see lazy alligators, exotic reptiles, amphibians, little monkeys, birds freely flying about, thousands of colorful fresh- and salt-water fishes and sharks as well. At the rays petting tank you can stroke and feed the rays.
The whole area is accessible, you can find special toilet in Campona near the pay desk of Tropicarium.

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Ramada Resort Aquaworld Budapest is Central Europe’s biggest indoor hotel- and aqua theme park complex.  From its 17 pools 15 is open all year round. Aquaworld provides special relaxation and active pastime for the whole family. Jacuzzis, wave pool, saunas and 11 slides offer exciting adventures and entertainment from the youngest through the teenagers to adults.
The place is accessible, has special toilet. They do not have hoist to the pools.

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Center of Scientific Wonders
The Center of Scientific Wonders is Hungary’s first interactive scientific exhibition, where you can enhance your knowledge of scientific phenomena occurring in everyday life, with the help of entertaining games. Each element of the exhibition was designed with the principle of keeping accessibility in mind. Suggested age: from 4-5 years.
The place is accessible and has special toilet, too.

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Capital Circus of Budapest
Clowns, acrobats, tamers, jugglers – the Capital Circus of Budapest in the City Park offers a lot of attractions and humorous performances for the esteemed audience. For eight years the Circus has given place for the International Circus Festival, where the best productions in the world compete with each other.                                                                                            Accessibility:                                                                                                                Wheelchair user guests can sit in the ring, the place has a lift and accessible toilet, too.

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Margaret Island                                                                                                            The beautiful island with lots of parks in the middle of River Danube is the green heart of Budapest.
Shady parks, a small zoo, Japanese garden, ruins of medieval castle, open air theatre awaits visitors here.                                                                                                                              Accessibility:                                                                                                                     Recently two swings have been inaugurated on the playground of Margaret Island which were made especially for wheelchair user children.
The island has three accessible public toilets, an automatic one is near the fountain. The accessible toilets of the two big hotels on the island can also be used.

Budapest Puppet Theatre                                                                                                            

Central Europe’s largest puppet theatre is on Andrássy road in a fascinating historic building. It offers performances for nursery school children, pupils and adults as well.                  Accessibility:                                                                                                                     The theater has an accessible toilet, there’s a lift in the building and mobile ramp at the entrance.

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Hungarian Natural History Museum                                                                                                     

You can meet the unique Hungarian dinosaur finds and reconstructions on permanent and temporary exhibitions of the Hungarian Natural History Museum where you can also learn about the flora, fauna and minerals of the Carpathian Basin. Or you can take part in interactive preparation presentation or museum education programs, too.                          Accessibility:
The building is accessible, has lift and special toilet, too. The exhibitions can be visited free of charge by people with disability.

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Minipolisz                                                                                                                         A unique interactive exhibition for children, where the kids can be adults for a little time in a small city tailored to their dimensions. For some hours they can be salesmen, cashiers, doctors, car mechanics, or house-painters – but they can prove their creativity as a world star, too. Recommended age:  3-12 years, while the youngest (0-3 years) can spend their time with their parents in the baby room deigned specially for them.                                         Accessibility:
The entrance is accessible; they have a lift and a special toilet, too.

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Miniversum                                                                                                                     Miniversum is a gigantic, beautifully detailed and decorated model layout featuring many sights and landmarks from Budapest and Hungary – and a bit of Austria and Germany – scaled to 1:100 of original size. Youngest guests are welcome at the playhouse on weekends. Here they can take part in handicraft activities, in quiz- and treasure hunt games or model building. Accessibility:
The entrance is accessible, ramps are provided at the thresholds and they have an accessible toilet, too.

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Palace of Arts
The Palace of Arts is the youngest multi-cultural institution in Budapest.
They organize numerous family and youth programs from musical activities through theatre and dance performances to handicraft activities. Most of the programs are free of charge.
Accessibility: The building is completely accessible, and more special toilets are also available.

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